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The Service of Feasibility Study would consist all aspects related to the study and the possibility to build and manage a hotel, and would be prepared custom-made for the particular location owned by the client, including:

  • Study on government regulation and projection plan for the allocation / usage of the site
  • Potential current and future market segments, target focus and its requirements
  • Business Environment and Competitor Study
  • SWOT analysis for hotel project on the particular location / site
  • Describe the Key-Success Factors and Basic Strategies
  • Space Planning Program
  • Design Concept / Schematic
  • Projection Cost – hotel development
  • Rough estimation of Cash Flow Operation (Break Even Point Projection)
  • Financing Scheme for Bank / Investment Proposal
  • Hotel Management Scheme
  • Others (if necessary)


This service is to assist owners, developers and investors in all aspects of development and managing the projects, start from the preliminary steps, preparations, recommendation, legal documents and licenses, land treatment to building completion works. This scope of service would be consisted as follow;


To assist the clients in the process of government recommendations, permits and licenses to build the hotel on the particular location owned by the clients.


To coordinate the design and construction stages, including design consultant and contractor bidding process, material specifications, prior to the needs of the clients and hotel operation requirements.


  • To undertake the coordination of the Project Construction Management, to ensure that the project would run effectively and conformed to the budget allocation, quality requirements and milestones / completion time schedule.
  • AMARA Hospitality will act as the project controller and coordinator on behalf of the client(s) in all aspect of project completion process. The team will consist of 18-30 skilled professionals, including Project Director, Project Manager, Site Managers/Supervisors, Quality Controllers, Quantity Surveyors, Estimators, Drafters, Finance/Accounting Staff, and others depend on the project-scale requirements.